ARC Objects / Wearable sculpture

Wearable sculpture
By Daniela Jacobs



Since its beginning, ARC has been a way for me to explore what it means to create usable and wearable sculpture. For me this means pieces that simultaneously serve a function and play with the boundaries of shape, form, composition, and utility. 

I've always been fascinated by materiality, inventing new worlds, and watching things transform as they are used. I draw inspiration from textures, colors, shapes, and sounds found in nature – especially the Mediterranean with its rocky coasts, powerful sea, and lush overgrown plants. As someone who grew up between New York City and Mallorca (Spain), there is also a big part of me that is moved by the energy of the city, of people with strong visions and dreams. This duality is also something that I like to think about through my work: how something can be simple yet complex, asymmetrical yet balanced, delicate yet bold.