Listening to stone by Queenie Chan

Listening to stone
by Queenie Chan





Stone represents both the stillness of the past and the potential for the future, a powerful symbol of time. It shows us that life is transient, with moments of clarity and stability interspersed with change and impermanence. We should embrace each moment as it comes.

The density and weight of stone give it a gravity that emphasizes how time moves inexorably forward, yet there is also a sense of comfort in knowing that some things remain solid and unchanging despite the passage of time. Like family - the people who love you and support you, no matter what. 

Currently experiencing some familial difficulties. The reality leaves me feeling lost and hopeless. Even in the midst of chaos, I find solace and peace in nature. The beauty of nature keeps me grounded and reminds me that there is still hope despite the challenges I face. 

To me, snow is a magical occurrence, it is a symbol of hope. The snow falls softly and beneath the earth, transforming the world into a wonderland. It brings a sense of purity and renewal. When it melts and spring arrives, it cleans away the old and paves the way for something new. Showing that after harsh winters, new beginnings will always emerge. The coldness of the snow reminds us to embrace the warmth and light in our lives, to appreciate the people and experiences that we hold dear.